Will I Have Time?

If there’s one thing we honor the most, its your time. Your time is always running out. The clock is ticking down.

Which leads me to ask… why is NOW not the ONLY time that matters?

Past exists only in your mind. Future exists only in your mind.

Now exists now.

Its the only time that’s useful… and you won’t get it back.

That said, here’s what I can tell you.

  • The challenge plays out in the comfort of your own life on YOUR time frame.
  • Its delivered to your inbox at a time YOU choose.
  • We honor your life, weekends, Fridays, date night, and fit around your weekend.
  • It’s possible that your 21-day experience takes a bit longer, no biggie.
  • We adopt a “choose your own adventure” experience that honors your life and time.
  • Your time involvement per day is usually just a few minutes, but you can take as long as you want.

What if XYZ wizbang thing happens? We’ll roll with it. The experience is flexible enough to fit into just about anything.

All I ask is that you’re at a place where you are ready to abide by the rules.

At the end of the day, its the end of the day.

What did you do with it?

We honor that circle of life more than ANYONE.

Result? Unlike literally everything else, you’re left with NO time excuses 💪🏽

And when life happens, we’ve got your back.

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