✅  Well done! Got your $ 0 deposit. Receipt sent to oops-no-email .

Shhyeah Y'all! We’re Officially Official* 🤓

UP NEXT? Just ONE thang (WITH dance moves).

ONE THANG → Gimme 192 seconds to queue up your DAY 01 email. Look for the subject line: “[BC] Prep for phone booth entry” Its our mandatory and much-vaunted fresh-person orientation. I’ll send it to oops-no-email

Dance moves up there (in video)… Bonus words down there… (only for over achievers like you)

🔥 RED HOT INSIDER TIP: To appease the email gods and avoid the spam devils… All emails coming from me about the Breakthrough Challenge will contain a [BC] prefix in the subject line. Make a folder or a filter for [BC] and add: [email protected] to your address book.

Now, no more horsin’ around Friend mmmmkay. All bizness from here on out (kinda, but mostly yes).

We’ll be watching to make sure you watch the orientation.

If you don’t, we’ll slap you around with love taps until you do.

Did you even watch this video? The fortune in the phone booth favors the bold.

Couple thoughts…

Sometimes even the best of us misjudge what it takes to leap over bars that have been raised to new heights…. yep, so we mess the landing a bit.

Hopefully your arrival to this page wasn’t as clunky as Mr. Ed in the weeee video above.

Not to worry though, we won’t topple over the high bars of life like Mr. Ed…. we’ll make the leap and the landing look much more elegant and graceful during our little challenge together. Promise.

Good news is that you are in the Breakthrough Challenge and the tech birdies have done their job… so far! If they ever fall out of line, let me know.

Quick gut check?

No idea what you’re feeling right now. Could be excited. Could be out of your mind. Could be skeptical. Could be desperate. Could be “meh” or anything in between.

All good. I’ll take them all. You have no idea what you’re in for and I like it that way and so will you.

This will be a life changing process my friend.

Commit to it. Enjoy it. Let it happen. Give it the space and time in your life that it needs (just a few minutes a day). You won’t regret it.

Go. Fight. Win.


* Not sure anything can be official without an asterisk nowaday. For the record, I suck at dancing but I will do it because the fact that you’re here right now lights me up. Just don’t laugh… or laugh but just don’t tell me you laughed. I spent at least 5 minutes coming up with nonsense to put down here to entertain you. I try so hard lol 😝