✅  Well done! Got your $ 12-months payment. Receipt sent to .

🙌🏼 I See You Y'all!
WELCOME 🎉 to The Canopy’s Tree Tops 🦅

UP NEXT? Watch your email close for the next few days. I’m adding access to the Canopy resources in The Community right now. Wait a few minutes and then login. You should see the Canopy in the navigation.

Working on some graceful things to say here… but this much I can say… The Canopy is a special place. Can’t wait to for it to be even more so with you up here with us.

Some housekeepings: You will NOT be auto-billed in 12 months. My job to serve you so hard that you come begging to re-up for next year too. We’ll take care of you and keep in touch.

Go. Fight. Win.