✅ Boom! Got your $ payment. Receipt and details sent to .

🙌🏼 Of course it’s you Y'all! Never had any doubt 🦅

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NEXT MOVE 1 →  Finally! You have the option of getting the Near-Seth Experience (private coaching).

The grad training is special, and you’ll always have access to it. Though we do large group trainings each month, some of you have asked to go even deeper with me and want to know what it looks like to work together privately.

There are several flavors of that. Not sure which one fits you yet. To sort that out, start by booking a private chat with me using the button below and we’ll jam for a bit.


Only for those who want to be considered for the Near-Seth Experience (private coaching)

NEXT MOVE 2 →  Open the email I just sent you and make sure you’re all official. Couple link clacks to make in order to get you official… One of the first stops should be The 5-Word Fix training. Watch it like your life depended on it. You’ll find a direct link to it in the email I just sent you. (But you’ll find it in the BONUS section of the membership)

So excited for you to dig in. IAMONE™ is incredible. It’ll take you a good minute to get through it. You’ll be stoked about the results.

Remember you’ve got 4 more payments of $199, starting in 30 days from today.

Go. Fight. Win.