✅ Blizzow! Got your $ deposit and sent a receipt. Next steps below.

Shhyeah Friend! Here. We.. Go… Almost 🤓

FINAL FINAL STEP →  Find the email I just sent to and pound the link. Look for the subject line: [BC] ACTION REQUIRED Confirm your email*

Stoked you’re here! But can’t go further until we appease the email inbox gods 😇 In the meantime, watch the stupid humor 👆🏻

SO ooOoOooOoooo absolutely stoke-ified that you’re here. I’d give you a man hug but you still need to CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL before we get that personal. Instructions above.

If you want to watch something goofy, there’s a video here for that, but really the only thing you need to do now is confirm your email: . I’m repeating myself, because there’s nothing else left to do here lol.

And if you feel like I’m making a big deal out of little stuff, I ain’t. It’s a HUGE deal to me that you are here today. I don’t take that lightly… but the email inbox gods are ruthless so we must bow to their superiority.

Since this challenge is driven by email for convenience and simplicity… we gotta be darn sure the inbox gods know those emails are coming so they’ll look out for them.

Now, let’s make it officially final that we’re going steady for the next 21 days.

Here we await what waits in your very near future… after email Gods are appeased.

Go. Fight. Win.


RED HOT INSIDER TIP: Maybe a yellow tip? To make things easy, all emails coming from me about the Breakthrough Challenge will contain a [BC] prefix in the subject line.

* Things are almost official betwixt you and me my friend…. so NOT confirming your email would make me about as happy as a kid waiting in line all day to see Santa Claus so he could tell him he wants a Superman phone booth for Christmas… but to be told to he can’t because kryptonite. Don’t do that to me (or you).