The Breakthrough Challenge Rules of Engagement

Clark Kent didn’t hesitate or step half way into the phone booth. Only one way to come out Superman. Go all the way in. This experience is not for mindless consumption. ​​​​​​​​Every participant commits to abide by these challenge rules.


I understand this is my one chance through the challenge. I am not entitled to a second. I agree to make the most of it and allow myself to have the full experience. My deposit becomes refundable after I complete the 21-day challenge. If I do not complete it, my deposit gets donated to charity.


I agree to be held accountable, even if its uncomfortable, so that I get a result I’m proud of. I invite change, accept simplicity and want to be challenged to be my best in the area of life and business I choose.


I will keep specific details of the experience to myself, but share the results of it far and wide. I will invite others to participate instead of jeopardizing their experience by sharing too much.

By participating in the challenge, ​​​​​​you agree to be held to these rules.

READY? Get Started in 3 Minutes

 STEP 1:  Confirm Your Name and Email Below

To get started, let me know what name we should put on the phone booth and where to send the instructions.

Make sure this is an email address you check regularly. This whole thing is over before it starts if it isn’t. And of course, only love, no spam.
On the next page you’ll be able to complete your $95 deposit. Open your email each of the 21-days to participate and your deposit becomes refundable.
Even better? Let me just show you watch a video walkthrough of the sign up process.


* Lovely asterisk isn’t it? Not as lovely as your life will be in about 21-days though.