True Stories of Proofing

Here’s the truest story… you can make up whatever story you want for yourself and the Breakthrough Challenge will do more for making that story come true than anything you could possibly spend your time on.

Another true story…

I was going through HUNDREDS of emails from past participants of the challenge trying to sort out which ones I should show you. Thousands of people have been through this thang and lived to fly another day.

See, I never felt the need to ever put a page like this together.

So I never kept track of these… because I think its backwards thinking.

It just doesn’t make sense to me that YOU, my esteemed human sibling, would base your future off of some one else’s experience?

Let’s go create the life and business you want.

“Testimonials” and “Case Study” actually put LIMITATIONS on your thinking.

Let’s put the limitations aside and just sit back and watch what happens.

REQUIREMENTS → All you need is to be human, have a desire for more, and be willing to open and email and make a few choices.

That’s it.

This challenge is special. It’s like your dream car.

You can get in it and drive it wherever you want to go.

No two experiences are the same. Because the destination and the vehicle to get you there are never the same.

Feel me?

That said, I picked out a few to show you.

Don’t wine at me that these are radical generalizations. Dit that on purpose.

I took out the wildly specific and awesome ones to not mess with you about what’s possible.

Anything is possible.

Going to post a few screenshots below.

Yes, they’re ugly and long. What did you expect?

If you don’t care enough to actually read them, then that’s cool with me. You don’t need to.

You should just go get your own results to brag about.


Below are a few email responses (obvious contact info is redacted).

These people completed a version of the challenge, before you. And I just asked how it went. This is what they said…

READY? Get Started in 3 Minutes

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Make sure this is an email address you check regularly. This whole thing is over before it starts if it isn’t. And of course, only love, no spam.
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