Two Choices: Clark Kent or Superman?

Aside from Superman being my guy when I was growing up, his journey matches ours. Who doesn’t want to fly?

We’re born with a feeling of power and limitlessness. Literally… I can FLY.

For simplicity, here’s the breakdown.

Clark Kent = human nature

Superman = Super-human nature

Realize, when you start thinking of life this way, things get simpler… and you’re left with fewer excuses.

But if you want to remain in a life of burnout and boredom OR overwhelm and complication, then keep doing what you’re doing. Up to you.

If you want to live your best life and you’re tired of hearing the call to MORE while feeling stuck in the “almost” life, you’re in the right place.

We all have our Clark Kent moments. It’s time to BE the Superman.

No matter where you’re at in life and business, these principles apply.

Billionaire. Millionaire. Thousand-aire. Success or stressful. Doesn’t matter.

Superman was born as Cal. A little baller from birth. Born to be great.

We are born clear and strong in our mind and absorb limitations. It’s our job to get back to that childlike clarity. Overtime we choose to believe what our environment, childhood, world view, society tell us about what we can and cannot be. Result is amnesia. We forget who we are and what we were born to be.

Cal put on Clark Kent to hide his true self. The world couldn’t handle him. So he settled for normal and tried to fit in. Awkward. While knowing he’s so much more.

We live life trying to be someone we’re not. Knowing there’s more for us. Not sure how to shed the “almost” life and claim our birth right. This becomes a dark prison to escape from. We can easily forget what it feels like to be free. But the feeling of what you were born to be never goes away.

Superman would never be a thing if Clark didn’t have the courage to STOP trying to be someone he’s not.

Trying to teach Clark Kent how to be great is a long and frustrating road. You’re working against human nature AND biology. A battle you will lose.

Clark doesn’t need to CHANGE into Superman. He IS Superman. He just needs to allow himself to BE who he is… and his history as Clark Kent has zero effect on him.

When you live from your Superman, you use human nature to fight for you instead of against you. You have to learn to work with your nature and activate its super powers that are hiding in plain sight.

The symbolism of the phone booth represents a transition from your “Clark Kent” self to your Super-Self.

Why would Clark Kent try and change his “limiting” beliefs, his hair, his job, his habits, his confidence, his environment, his relationships, his productivity, his focus, his goals… when he can just BE Superman? Makes no sense. Yet everyone is doing things this way. Itss backwards. You have access to your unlimited nature at all times. We’ll activate it together. It IS wildly simple.

Clark Kent is overwhelmed by petty things that don’t matter. Superman deals consistently with what matters most, that’s why he’s a superhero.

When you live life as Clark Kent, you feel small. Everything that matters feels big and intimidating. So you scrape and scratch to get ahead but get no where. When you’re trying to be somebody you’re not, life is HARD. You’ll see limitations everywhere. It’s like swimming upstream. You’ll get burned out, overwhelmed, tired. Saving no one and nothing. But Superman is bigger than all of that. No such thing as a big deal. He is the big deal. He makes greatness, normal.

Neither Clark Kent or Superman are perfect. But Superman neutralizes his weaknesses.

No, you can’t magically be perfect in all the ways. Not even Superman can do that. You will have difficulty. Difficulty gives us something to push against in order to become stronger. Superman has kryptonite(s) and Lex Luthor… BUT he strategically leverages his truest self to neutralize his weaknesses and the opposition while Clark is permanently disabled by them.

Neither Clark Kent or Superman are broken. Both provide a completely viable way of living.

Society likes to sell us on the idea that we’re broken and there’s something wrong with us. Because, of course, they’re selling something. As long as you are human and have access to your choices, you are not broken. Clark Kent and Superman play out in the same person, all the time. You choose in each moment who you want to put into play You have that control.

Could go on and on… the similarities to the lives we live are almost endless.

So what about you?

Seems you have a couple choices.

  1. Choose the slow and agonizing way of trying to teach Clark Kent how to be great ( I been there, it didn’t go well ). You’re fighting human nature.
  2. Choose the faster and simpler way, enter the phone booth. To start we’ll activate your Superman in just one meaningful area of your life and go from there. It’s FAST and SIMPLE, but not that first step ain’t easy. That’s why we’ll do it together.

Up to you. For those who want simple and fast, you know what to do.

Let’s go.

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