At some point, ALMOST living your dreams becomes a nightmare… This is what “almost successful” looked like for me…

How to Harness Human Nature’s Hidden Super Power to Escape the “Almost Life”…

Seth Ellsworth
South Jordan, UT
Tuesday, 11:11am

Hey, it's nice to meet you. I’m Seth. Pretty sure we weren’t born to be “almost successful” but there I was…

After 12 years of trying to build something that matters…

Living in a trailer at a $550/month RV park alone with my 3 kids.

No truck to pull the trailer. No wife to share it with either.

After 7.35 years of marriage she couldn’t handle the life of almosts anymore.

But at least I had my dream car? 🤦🏼‍♂️

“He should be ashamed! How financially irresponsible! Priorities all messed up! Poor kids!”

Truth is I wasn’t living the RV Life on purpose.

I was stuuuuuuck living the Almost Life.”

Working hard, trying to do it all for them… but never achieving the sustained successes I had promised… and it cost me everything.

That’s not how I saw things going in my mind.

Never arriving…
Always apologizing…

And always, in A-L-L the W-A-Y-S, almost successful…

It shouldn’t have to be this hard!” (or take this loooooong…)

But one year after the RV park, it got even harder.

New family, new digs… in my new bride’s ex-husband’s basement 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

Living in my wife’s ex-husband’s basement with our SIX kids. Go ahead and laugh 😂

I know what you’re thinking…

QUESTION: What could that loon possibly say that would be useful to me?

ANSWER: Something you won’t hear anywhere else lol.

Let’s just admit it… at some point, ALMOST living your dreams becomes your worst nightmare… with no way to wake up.

You know you’ve got talent, can’t ignore it… others see it too…

But no matter how many of the best years of your life you hustle and grind away…

No matter how much you “invest in yourself” to fix your flaws (only to make them worse)…

You look around… and you’re always almost there.

Almost an early riser.
Almost a trophy husband.
Almost a present parent.
Almost consistent.
Almost focused.
Almost productive.
Almost profitable.
Almost successful.
Almost free from addiction.
Almost 10% body fat.

Suuuuuucks to be stuuuuuuck.

I just wanted to actually live my best life.

There’s a LOT more I want to do with my life.

But no matter how hard I worked and dreamed…

It seemed like I was doomed to a life of almosts.

Living the Almost Life burned me alive from the inside out…

The lists of almosts in my life didn’t start or end in that RV park or in the driveway of my wife’s ex-husband.

Didn’t matter that I was good at everything I did.

I still left a wake of almosts everywhere I went.

Like my boyhood dream to play Division 1 college basketball.

My family wasn’t into sports.

And none of my coaches ever took me under their wing.

So I taught myself.


I wanted to learn from the best…

That’s what smart people do.

Since “google” wasn’t a verb yet and we had no cable programming… that left one option: network television.

Which meant I only had access to a couple Michael Jordan games when the Chicago Bulls came to town to play the local Seattle Supersonics.

Recorded them all on VHS.

Wore out those recordings (and the VHS machine too).

Learned to play by trying to “be like Mike.”

Except for the elementary school playground, I didn’t have a legitimate basketball hoop to practice on.

My mom didn’t like me bouncing balls off the parlor walls because it exposed the screws in the sheet rock…

So eventually my engineer dad made me an engineer’s hoop and standard in our gravel carport, instead of just buying one from the store.

Here it is. Our homemade hoop. Sturdy. Still straight and true.

Picture taken 18 years after we built it.

Same red, white and blue net.

Gravel carport. Couldn’t dribble (still can’t). Could only shoot.

Had no basketball though.

Only a red, white, and blue soccer ball to match the net.

Not sure my parents knew the difference.

That soccer ball went through that net soooooo many times it literally ripped that poor soccer ball apart, piece by piece.

Then suddenly, we moved away from hoop and my best friend. Sad.

I got awkward and
even more lonely…

Then I got SICK.

A ruptured appendix nearly killed me twice when I was 12.

It had been burst for five days before I complained about the pain.

My body went septic.

Two months in the hospital.

Abscesses everywhere.

I became friends with pain

And as you’ll see shortly, during my Almost Life, it got much worse.

Pushing through the pains of life to “almost” but never free of it.

When I got out—with three drain tubes hanging from my side—I weighed just 52 pounds.

So weak I couldn’t shoot a 3-pointer… or even a foul shot.

Couldn’t do the thing that I thought I lived for…

Started with jumping rope and shooting a volleyball until I gained my strength back.

A year later as a 7th grader, I scored 72 points in a game and broke three point records.

In 8th grade I made 22 out of 25 in an NBA style three point contest (record still stands).

I was almost popular…

Had a blue ribbon to prove it.

On the outside? Confident. Handsome. Popular. Talented.

On the inside? Awkward. Loner. Didn’t fit in. Wasn’t enough.

Tall skinny kid with skinny kid problems…

A sunken chest… (embarrassing thing called pectus excavatum which limited my lung capacity to 70%).

One man boob that never went away and needed surgery.

A birthmark on my forehead for all to see…

My mama says that’s where the angels kissed me when I was born.

Didn’t grow hair under my arms until my teammates had a beard.

Family doc said he’d never seen a kid with double scoliosis make it at the D1 level.

More to prove now…

But what about my boyhood dream?

Though I knew I had the talent, I somehow felt there wasn’t anything special about me.

Apparently colleges felt the same.

As I got older, I wasn’t recruited.

Didn’t help that my family moved twice during my recruiting years.

Ended up in Arizona as a junior.

Then I got hazed by the seniors while we played a tournament away from home.

If you don’t know, hazing is a frat-like initiation that’s really just an excuse to bully younger kids.

It involved tackling me, tying me to a chair and forcing me to drink beer (which they weren’t successful at).

Me with my hazed head.

So instead they took a hair clipper down the middle of my golden locks.

My mom freaked out when I got home.

I moved out of my parents house in Arizona at 17 years old… to go back up north to Utah and finish up high school with the guys I knew… who wouldn’t haze me.

We’d been playing together since junior high after all.

Senior year.

Not sure what happened that year.

We were supposed to be good.

But I didn’t fit in… even worse than before.

I didn’t even play much, at least not when it mattered.

Until the state tournament, against Cottonwood.

We were down 15.

None of the starters were playing well.

My coach rolled the dice and called down to the end of the bench and put me in.

6′ 8″ skinny kid who could shoot the ball.

Maybe he’ll do something.

Coach threw me in the game half-way through the third quarter.

After a few minutes, two steals, a couple rebounds, some easy buckets and a huge three pointer… we were only down three.

The crowd was cheering.

I’ll never forget.

Then he took me out, and we lost.

I’ll never forget THAT either.

I was almost the hero…

Coach Bowman, the assistant head coach, pulled me aside after we lost and told me…

I’ll never forget what you did out there.

He knew my story, because we regularly ditched school to go fly fishing together.

That was that.

My “glory” days were over.

Life didn’t stop though, never does.

Neither did the pain of almosts.

At least I wasn’t almost tall.

Added two more inches after graduating high school.

Summer of 2003, walked into the Marriott Center on BYU campus as a 6’10” 195 pound rail that acted as if he belonged but knew he didn’t.

Fake it until you make it I guess?

I manipulated my way into playing ONE pick-up game with the guys on the team before they finished for the day.

Not sure what happened during that game. I don’t remember.

I fell into one of those flow states the pros talk about.

In sports that’s a good thing.

But I didn’t see a single coach there, so nobody saw my performance.

Then somehow my dream came true…
(or did it?)

Got a call that night on my baby blue Sony Ericcson brick phone from AT&T (first cell phone ever).

Ever have one of these?

An unrecognized 422 number from campus.

Pretty much every number was unrecognized… only had seven numbers in my phone at the time.

It was Andy Toolson, assistant head coach of the men’s basketball team (totally D1).

He asked me to come down to a team meeting the following afternoon at 3pm.

What??!? How?

No idea how they found out my name.

I didn’t tell anyone who I was and my number wasn’t even in the school directory.

Dumb. Freaking. Luck.

Was I on the team or was this some kind of sick joke?

Although I wasn’t sure what he meant, I went to the meeting anyways just in case it was true.

Got to the Marriott Center meeting room…

I guessed where I needed to be, got lucky again.

I was 5 minutes early but 10 minutes late.

Feeling alone and exposed, I looked around.

I could name every player in the room and where they went to high school, and how many points they averaged…

And who had scholarships.

They all did.

Spotted an empty desk toward the back corner.

I slithered along the wall, so as to not disturb anyone, hoping nobody would notice…

Was I on the team?

Apparently it wasn’t a joke.

They even let me have my favorite number.

My practice jersey.
The only jersey I had.

First time wearing my lucky 21.

I almost had it in high school, but it was always spoken for by someone more important.

The coaches thought I’d dropped out of heaven.

They had no idea I existed until I walked in that one day and played a single pickup game to 11.

I was a 6’10” kid who could move well and shoot the lights out.

And now I was finally a cool kid on campus.

Day 1 of my boyhood dream.

BYU issue on. Number 21.

First team workout in RB 156.

As we walked in, some of my gym-rat friends I’d been training with to get ready for tryouts were playing a pick up game on our court.

It was a long shot that anyone made the team at tryouts. It was more like a formality. Nobody REALLY expected to make it at tryouts.

When they saw me walk in with the team… they froze in place…

And then parted like the Red Sea.

They were stunned.

None of them knew I had been asked to walk onto the team without even going to tryouts (which weren’t for another month and a half).

I’ll never forget the look on their faces.

Where did I fit in now?

Warm ups.

The stabbing pain started in a place I had
never experienced pain before…

During the very first right-hand lay up drill.

A stabbing pain in my LEFT foot.

Ah, no biggie. It’s just pain. Whatever.

Learned to deal with that when I was 12.

Left hand lay up drill?

A stabbing pain in my RIGHT foot.

Ah, no biggie. It’s just pain. Whatever.

Like the pain of almosts, this pain wouldn’t go away.

Kept convincing myself it wasn’t a big deal.

Turns out, stress fractures showed up in both feet, in the first week.

Bulging disk in my back, the second week.

All created by stress and pressure.

All of that “stress” was within my own mind… because it sure didn’t come from an injury.

I was too young to know any better… nobody had taught me how to think.

Yet another reason to keep things almost-ing themselves.

I was sucking it up.

Sucking wind, with my 70% lung capacity.

Was my family doc right?

“You’re just not cut out for this…”

Didn’t want anyone to take my dream away from me. Especially not doctors.

So I didn’t tell anyone about the pain.

I was almost there!

Almost my boyhood dream… a D1 basketball player.

Must. Not. Quit.

Three hours of prep for practice → three hour practice → then flat on my back for the rest of the night until I fell asleep at 1am. Every day but Sunday.

I kept the pain quiet while it boiled me alive from the inside out.

Until I couldn’t do it anymore.

Told the coach around Christmas time.

He ripped into me for not telling him sooner.

X-ray showed the same fractures, in the SAME bone, in both feet.

Team doc didn’t believe the x-ray so he took another one.

He gave me a few weeks to get better.

I lied and told him it was better. It wasn’t.


Months of excruciating pain with every step I took.

I felt like I was just a high maintenance walk-on.

This nightmare was my dream?

The guys beat Syracuse that year in the NCAA tournament in every category but points.

They lost to Gerry McNamara’s 42-point career defining game.

I lost my will to fight.

I couldn’t do any more pain.

Took everything I had to muster the strength to drag myself into coach’s office.

Fully broken in every way that mattered..

I wasn’t a quitter?

But I quit.


What does that mean?




Bet you weren’t expecting that.

It was my ALMOST dream.


Truth is… I never made it on the active roster.

Never got healthy enough to play like the hero I wanted to be.

How do you play the game WELL on broken feet?

How do you play the game WELL without standing up straight?

How do you play the game WELL if you can’t breathe?

Never had a jersey with my name on it… just my number 21 practice jersey.

Never ran out of the tunnel with the fight song playing.

Never made the crowd go wild with a three pointer or a dunk.

Means there’s NO evidence that I played D1 college basketball, no stat on a stat sheet anywhere on earth that has my name on it.

Nothing but this…

Name plate above my locker.

I was stuuuuuck in the Almost Life without knowing why.

The force of ALMOST was too powerful to overcome.

I had no weapons to fight against it but sheer willpower.

Which brought me even more pain because I always ran out of it.

Nothing left to do but to swim in the sorrow…

The morning after I told coach Steve Cleveland I was done, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Flunked out of my boyhood dream…

My life had settled back to earth, like a gravity that I couldn’t control. I wasn’t cool anymore…

Officially a civilian on campus once again.

The inevitable identity crisis amped up the volume in my head to a fever pitch.

All I wanted to do was break things.

Common thing for an athlete when athletics are no longer an option.

Needed to release some pent up fury.

So I laced up my BYU-issued blue and white Nike Shocks and went to play some pick up ball in RB 156… with my summer-gym guys.

Gym rats. Always there.

I ran in with them just like before.

As if nothing had ever happened.

Minutes later I stole the ball and threw down a HARD windmill dunk on a breakaway… as if THAT were NORMAL.

Jogging back up the court…

That’s when it hit me.

Crumbling to the floor…
There was NO pain!

No. Physical. Pain.


Couldn’t hold back the uncontrollable force of wild emotions that overtook my body.

It all came out.

Wailing like a stuck pig in front of grown men.

I hadn’t been able to do a windmill dunk that entire year.

My back? My feet?

Pain free.

Did my body miraculously healed itself? Overnight?

why? Why? WHY?!?

Was this God reaching down from the heavens saying…

No son, this dream isn’t for you.

It had to be an act of God.

Nothing else made sense.

I didn’t understand that my body made up excuses for what my mind couldn’t handle.

Once those excuses weren’t needed any more, neither were the stress fractures… or the bulging disc.

I still get emotional thinking about what could have been had I known.

At the time, I had no idea about a secret layer of human nature that held the keys to my unlimited and untapped growth potential (which was also the cause of my Almost Life).

I’d learn that later, after even MORE almosts… that got even worse (RV parks and exes and stuff).

Because, duh.

Human nature was wrecking me.

Then I got lucky
on a Leap Year Day

You’d think I would get a clue and just quit this Almost Life… Just stop trying.

At this rate, luck was the only thing that could save me.

But like always there was this voice inside my head that wouldn’t leave me alone.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t silence the call to MORE.

It burned inside of me.

Until one rare day when everything blew up…

Leap Year Day.

February 29, 2008.

A full 4 years of almosts after my boyhood dream blew up…

I couldn’t do life anymore.

Rock bottom hurts, especially when you wallow in the mud at rock bottom.

I wanted to quit life, for real.

Hated myself…
Hated my life…
Didn’t want to be here…

The Almost Life was boiling me alive
from the inside out…

Couldn’t make anything work in my career or personal life for longer than a hot second.

Had a killer equity-mining real estate deal all set up, but it was 2008.

Selling expensive stuff over the phone… had a record week of sales, only to blank the entire rest of the month.

Selling alarm systems, satellite and even pest control door to door…

Had record weeks of sales, only to finish dead last the next week…

Didn’t matter what I was selling…

I was almost good at it.

Was almost free of porn, only to fall right back into it.

Dated the star of the volleyball team and thought she was my person.

We were almost a power couple.

But she snuck off to Germany to play pro volleyball without telling me.

At least she left her roommate to tell me the next day on her doorstep.

Never heard from her again.

Almost married a talented actress whose vocal cords wrapped themselves around my heart strings.

We were engaged.

She gave me the ring back without a reason.

Turns out she was lesbian.

(She didn’t know it at the time. She was confused. So was I).

Didn’t hear from her again, until I found out that she now has a doctorate in acting from Harvard.

Might sound all bad from the outside looking in, but it wasn’t.

It was all bad on the inside.

Truth is, I was a bright light to others.

But I couldn’t light my own path through a forest at noon day.

The perfect kid…
Had all the answers…
Good at everything…

But inside my mind it was heavy and dark.

Loaded with self-loathing.

The volume in my head was so loud I couldn’t hear the compliments.

  • Depressed.
  • Numbed out.
  • Alone.
  • Self-medicating with porn.
  • Couldn’t afford $160 rent.
  • Over $50k in debt with ZERO income.
  • Failed dreams.
  • Failed love.
  • Failed business.
  • Failed real estate.
  • Failed door-to-door sales.

My heart, body, mind and bank account… all broken.

And I STILL couldn’t silence the voice that told me there was MORE.

You see, back in 2000 I had set a bunch of goals that planned out my life of MORE (err… greatness).

37 of them.

First item? Daily journaling.

That was the “success habit” I fixated on.

After all, they do say you have to have positive habits in order to be successful, right?

I wanted daily journaling for 100 reasons.

Especially to somehow vomit the thunderous noise in my head onto paper and write the life I wanted into existence…

…a life and business that had nothing to do with ALMOST.

I felt like if I could just conquer this ONE habit it would somehow give me the strength to actually do the things I knew I needed to do with my life.

Ever felt like that?

But now it was February 29, 2008.

EIGHT years in and still no success habit.

It was Leap Year Day and I needed a LEAP more than I needed a breath.

My life was wasting away with nothing to show for it but ALMOST.

Dozens of humiliating fits and bursts and starts and stops.

On a Sunday night:

“This it. Tomorrow everything changes.

Then, Monday comes with its meltdown…

Where I’d find myself doing everything other than what I had committed myself to do.

If I was lucky, I made it past Monday all the way to Thursday before failing myself.

Short 4-day streaks…
5 days was my personal best…
21 days seemed impossible…

Each failure was followed by weeks of shame and guilt before stepping up to the starting line… only to fail myself again and again.

How many lifetimes would I need to
BE the man I was born to be?

For years I was pissed at myself because I couldn’t conquer this one habit no matter how hard or how long I tried.

My failure to create that habit felt like damning proof that I wasn’t meant to achieve the greatness I felt inside of me.

So I was always searching for answers.

Voraciously consuming as much traditional self-help stuff as I could…

Throwing all the monies I didn’t have at it.

…only to be left making on-going monthly payments for yet another failed program.

That’s like paying rent in hell.

The missing link seemed to always be missing…

So nothing ever changed.

…except the amount of debt I was in after “investing in myself”

…and the decibels of the voice inside my head which was sick of the Almost Life.

Always almost there.

No matter how much NLP or hypnosis or meditation or life hacks I used…

It always came down to…

“Just do it.”
“Get a bigger why.”

Somehow I couldn’t do either.

So I got all the blame, shame and guilt.

Just piled it on.

Clearly there was something wrong with ME.

Was I just stuuuuuuck permanently?

Nothing got me any farther than ALMOST.

I never even almost made it to the “fabled promised land of 21 days” in order to lock in my very own success habit.

But it was Leap Year Day after all…

The missing link to escaping the Almost Life
hit me right in the eye… (literally)

That night, the despair of the Almost Life came crashing in on me with the weight of my world.

What do you write in your journal when you hate yourself?

What do you write in your journal when you’re always almost there?

What do you write in your journal when nothing is right?

Went to bed just after at 11pm…

Four hours later…

Still hadn’t written in my journal for the night.

This would be 5 nights in a row. Tying my personal best.

Wide awake staring up at the ceiling, alone, in the dark…

Normally I’d have given up by now.

But this time was different.

There was something that kept me fighting.

So why couldn’t I just reach over, pick up my Gallery Leather Journal and my perfectly weighted Parker pen, and write something? Anything?

Why can’t I just do the thing I know I need to do?

Two voices in my head.

A Civil War.

Come on Seth, you can do it. You are meant for MORE.


“See, you suck! Just quit and go to bed.


I was frozen in place.

Still staring up at my empty life.

Then it happened…

The glittery, popcorny ceiling seemed to shift…

A speck of paint or glitter fell toward my wide-eyed eye.


No blink reflex.

I reached up to scratch it out, and BAM.

Dumb luck struck again.

Something pulled me out of that moment and allowed me to see it as if I were the observer.

A new perspective filled my empty life.

Then, a clear voice.

“Seth, do you even believe that you’re the type of person that writes in a journal?”

Me: Uh, no. I’m the worst ever. And I have years of proof. I can’t write in my journal to save my life…

Then a perfect silence.


It was the LEAP I needed.

The answers I sought rained down like a flood from the ceiling.

Do this,
then that,
and here’s how.

And I did it.

I DID it.

Simple. Powerful.


Instantly… I was writing in my journal on the daily… as if I was born doing it.

No more almost!

  • No more second guessing…
  • No more questioning…
  • No more embarrassing starts and stops…
  • No more warring in my mind…


Went from a lucky streak of 5 days over an 8-year span
to 967 days in a row.

Wow. What?

But the ceiling-shattering momentum didn’t stop there…

  • I got married in November of that year…
  • I went on to 10X my income…
  • Built a six figure business in a weekend…
  • Made $333,000 for three days worth of work…
  • Became a professional athlete…
  • Hit top 20 in the world for a hot second in my sport…

Breakthrough would be putting it lightly.

More like a LEAP-through.

This couldn’t be real could it?

It had to be a one time miracle from God, right?

That’s what I thought…

Because nobody told me these kind of instant upgrades were a thing…

Everything I had studied about behavior change and personal development suggested that what I had experienced just wasn’t possible or predictable.

Change is supposed to be HARD and take a looooong time.

It DID take a long time to figure out that it doesn’t have take a long time when you have the missing link (explained later).

The immediate and permanent upgrade I experienced was so counter-intuitive and miraculous that I filed the whole experience away in the “supernatural” folder.

Never thought that kind of dumb luck would strike again.

Until 42 months later, in 2012.

Started to wonder if I could accidentally do it again?

For obvious reasons.

I was stuck on only one success habit.

There was MORE to do in order to live a life without regret.

Didn’t want any part of my life and business to be stuuuuuck in The Almost Life.

So the rest of my life needed accidental miracles too.

After all, I still had my laundry list of things I wanted for my life.

So I got curious and spent 23 months with a singular focus to reverse engineer and duplicate that one lucky experience I had…

There HAD to be a missing link
that made it all work…

There’s no doubt I had EXPERIENCED the missing link, but I just couldn’t see it clearly… yet.

By 2014, I had not just a simple three step process to create and stick to any change I wanted

But I also uncovered the Holy Grail of personal development, the missing link.

Turns out…

There’s an ancient mechanism buried inside of your brain that automatically ejects you from the Almost Life and FORCES nature to give you what you want… as if you’ve always had it.

I’ll show you how it works in a bit…

Now, there are a couple pre-requisites to understand in order to make it work.

First this same principle is responsible for ALL of the ups and downs you experience in life, the good and the bad… whether you are aware of it or not.

It’s like gravity.

It doesn’t care how its used.

Some can fly, others can fall.

But its effects spare no one.

The tough pill to swallow is that most of your experiences with it are BAD…

Like when I climbed the giant red plum tree in our backyard as a kid, all hopped up on ambitious Superman vibes, thinking that because I wore Superman underwear I could fly too…

My broken arm reminded me of how human I am.

Like gravity, human nature always wins.

Human nature is the strongest and most dependable force in your life.

Which is why any system that solves for your human nature commands an unstoppable force.

What’s that worth to ya?

If I could solve for my humanity, that would be worth a billion dollars to me.

— Naval Ravikant, the modern day billionaire Renaissance man.

He’s not wrong, but it’s priceless.

Second in order to get the full benefit, you have to be human.

If you’re human… with a sprinkle of ambition to leave the Almost Life behind… this will work for you too.

At least we’ve got that going for us.

I’ll show you how being human is literally a super power.

I call it…

Super Human Nature 💪🏼

It’s not superhuman nature, we aren’t superhuman. It’s SUPER human nature. The human nature is super.

Ya just didn’t hear about it…

It’s the Holy Grail… the missing link…

Might be alarming to hear that, if your human experience has been less than super.

In case you’re tempted to think there’s no hope for you because of all-the-AlmostLife-reasons…

Don’t worry…

It doesn’t matter who you are or how long you’ve been stuuuuuuck.

  1. It works even better, the more stuuuuuuck you are.
  2. And even better still if you’ve been stuuuuuuck for a loooooong time.

Does that sound crazy?

I don’t blame you.

It’s not your fault.

Society teaches us that to be human is to be bad.

Human nature makes change hard.

Human nature makes change take a loooooong time.

Human nature gets blamed for all sorts of things.

The most common are..

“Why can’t I get myself to do the things I know I need to do?”
“I just feel so overwhelmed.”


Because you’re human.

Because you’re human?

So people think the only option is to FIX our broken human-ness.

News flash…

There’s no cure for being human!

…except the grave.

So until then…

Tons of time, money, relationships, fear, guilt, desperation and quality of life are wasted on trying to CHANGE the fact that you’re human?

I guess if we can’t cure it then let’s spend all the monies to…

Hack it,
break it,
tame it,
hypnotize it,
meditate it away,
pretend its not there,
lie about it,
numb it out…

Problem is, human nature is unbeatable.

No wonder those traditional methodologies always fall back to earth, like gravity.

That’s why we keep “investing in ourselves” only to watch things stay the same.

That’s why well-meaning and driven humans go insane while stuuuuuuck in the Almost Life

Seems like fighting against human nature is a recipe for insanity right?

Fighting human nature while expecting to win?


Nearly all of traditional personal growth methodologies are picking a fight with human nature.

There’s a waaaaaay better way.

Imagine a river.

It just flows.

Like nature, nothing can stop it.

Humans do a weird thing with this powerful, natural phenomenon.

When they want to get somewhere fast…

…they think their only option is to swim against the current,


Why upstream?

Because that’s what everyone else does!…

Which only makes things worse.

They’re not lucky, like you, to know any better.

People DO spend a lot of money on swim spas just so they can swim in place and get nowhere.

Like a swim spa, no matter how hard or how long you swim, you’re guaranteed to get nowhere.

That’s maddening, unless your only point of swimming is to get in shape.

Do you want to get where you want to go faster and with less effort?

Or make your current efforts 5x more powerful?

👉🏼 Swim downstream!

Then all you have to do is watch out for obstacles in the river.

And your normal effort moves you FIVE TIMES as fast.

Same with human nature.

You have a “river” in the oldest part of your brain.

It’s an unstoppable,
dependable force

a literal super power that is undefeated.

If you enjoy losing, by all means keep swimming upstream like everyone else.

Up to you to choose to stop fighting with human nature and unlock its super power instead.

But nobody told you where to find this kind of super power leverage did they?

LOL I can relate.

It took some dumb luck and a life-threatening distaste for swimming upstream.

But that’s not all…

You must allow the answer you seek to be SIMPLE.

It IS shockingly simple.

Literally, so simple a caveman could do it.

“I was skeptical that something so simple could really be life changing. But….. months later I see monumental progress! I feel like a different person, capable of much more than I ever believed possible.”

Michelle Scott
Breakthrough Challenge Participant

Here’s something simple for you to swallow…

Instead of fighting against your human nature and losing over and over…

All you have to do is PARTNER with it and you’ll unlock its super power which forces you to get to where you want to go much faster and with less effort.

So what does “partnering with human nature” look like in real life and why is is so powerful?

Not much different than taming a wild stallion.

Might sound dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But have you ever heard of the “horse whisperer.”

A gifted feller walks up to a skittish and testosterone-enraged wild stallion with a calm presence and soft hands

Minutes later the wild stallion is eating out of his hand.

Hours later he’s riding it off into the sunset like a dream.

It’s the craziest thing. Simple too.

  • No beating into submission…
  • No force of wills…
  • No tricks…
  • No traps…
  • No hacks…

And he can do it over and over again with any wild stallion.

Why is it so simple and predictable for him, without risking any harm?

  1. He understands the stallion’s core motivation.
  2. He speaks to its motivation using a language the wild can understand.

Keep it this simple and the wild things inside your soul become tame too… and come begging to do your will.

My grandpa was like that… a kind of cowboy horse whisperer.

He knew the secret language of wild horses… and life and business too.

He and his brother, as western cowboys, broke into the high-class horse racing world to win the 1955 Kentucky Derby.

Now, that’s not the only way to tame raw wildness in life and business.

You can do what most everyone else does.

Chase and corner the wild animal and “break” it.

I just don’t like the possibility of getting trampled? Do you?

Nature is unforgiving when we get it wrong.

I never knew my grandpa Ellsworth… the same cowboy grandpa that won the Kentucky Derby.

He was killed in a plane crash in 1960 at the height of his fame and fortune 😭

He was flying his own plane home to Arizona from one of his ranches in California when a gust of wind and gravity prevented a clean take-off.

If you want the safe and secure (and fast) way to escape the Almost Life riding a wild thoroughbred of exhilaration toward the winner’s circles of life (without risking it all in a crash)…

Here’s what you need to get it done…

  1. Understand nature’s single motivation (the Master Motive)
  2. Speak its native language (which has a one-word vocabulary)

First, nature’s secret motivation.

Get this right and nature will come begging to do your bidding…

Nature’s ancient motivational secret
that modern science forgot…

Lucky for us, understanding nature’s hidden motivation is also simple. But you’re unlikely to ever find it through deep scientific study.

In fact, it’s so simple it’s been hiding in plain sight for thousands of years.

Let me introduce you to it…

The Stoic philosophers missed it.

It’s NOT on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs though.

He overlooked it.

It’s NOT defined by human nature’s need for survival or reproduction…

Darwin didn’t mention it.

It’s NOT on the long list of “self-preservation mechanisms” like cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias etc…

It’s NOT defined in any texts I’ve studied about the “lizard brain”… or the triune brain theory, or the mind-body problem.

BUT, you see it everywhere…

Wreaking silent havoc in your life and business…

Keeping you locked down in the Almost Life

Modern science hasn’t helped much either.

Nearly every scientific discipline that attempts to define human nature overlooks the fact that human nature really only has ONE core desire.

I call it the Master Motive

It’s no ordinary motivation…

  1. It’s the only desire human nature really cares about… (though there are others as you’ll see).
  2. Human nature will literally fight to the death to protect it… (this hasn’t changed in 10,000 years).
  3. Its power to protect is the strongest force known to man… (which is why the force of the Almost Life was so difficult to escape).

Like I said…

It’s a powerful current to be swimming against all the time.

Here it is…

Your human nature fights with super power strength to defend the Master Motive, which is to maintain whatever it believes is NORMAL.

Nearly all of modern scientific exploration steps right past the Master Motive… which makes things more complicated and confusing than they shoud be.

Don’t believe me?

Dig into Decision Lab’s list of 97 human biases and heuristics…

You’ll quickly see how they all serve the same Master Motive

All human nature wants to do is to keep everything the same as its always been.

…where NOTHING changes.

Sound familiar?

In the Almost Life, nothing changes.

But the fact that nothing ever changes is actually the strongest evidence ever that human nature’s Master Motive is alive and well in your life and business.

You see, human nature is the subject of loads of peer-reviewed scientific studies…

But all the “new evidence” just confirms that your human nature hasn’t changed in 10,000 years!

That should give you some peace and confidence, though.

You can bank on human nature never ever failing you when you give it what it wants and speak its language.

Like gravity.

Despite what you’ve been told…

Human nature is just as simple and predictable as gravity.

Gravity never loses.

Neither does the Master Motive.

Now, what’s left?

Just speak its one-word language to harness nature’s raw power to fly fast in any direction you want to go.

Ready? Or is this too simple?

Use this 6-letter word to speak nature’s secret language and its like putting a saddle and bridle on a wild stallion…

Then your human nature takes you wherever you want to go, like a race horse… or an airplane… or a strong river current.


This one-word vocabulary is the secret language of the wild…

A simple 6-letter word we use everyday…


You might not be surprised. I’ve hinted at it a few times.

Think about it for a second…

What’s your normal right now?

That will tell you a lot about why you’re stuck in the Almost Life.

See, your nature doesn’t care what your normal looks like…

or whether you like your normal or not…

or for how sick of it you are.

It doesn’t care what YOU want at all.

It doesn’t care about living YOUR best life.

How could it?

All of human nature has the same insatiable desire…

…to get MORE of whatever it believes is normal.

It just wants MORE of the same.

(Luckily, we like MORE just without the same).

Since most people are completely unaware of the Master Motive and the secrete language of the wild (again, not your fault)…

Normal is usually defined FOR you, automatically.

We’ll talk about how in a sec.

For now, just look around.

Whatever you are used to experiencing, that’s YOUR normal…

  • You’re used to making a certain amount of money. No matter how hard you try to make more… you always fall back to a normal love of income…
  • You’re used to a certain weight. No matter how hard you try to lose weight… you’re on a yoyo… losing and gaining.
  • You’re used to hitting the snooze button in life. No matter how hard you try… you can’t seem to keep your 5am Club Card.

Ahhh… the blessed Almost Life…

…your human nature’s Master Motive is hellbent on fighting to maintain the Almost Life regardless of how we feel about it.

Our best efforts always fall back to earth.

Like gravity.

Unless you speak its language and tell it to change its definition of what it believes is normal.

That is FANTASTIC news…

All you need to do to speak the language of the wild is REDEFINE NORMAL and do it in a particular way so that your human nature agrees with you.

Then, the Master Motive will automatically unlock your Super Human Nature which effortlessly harnesses the full force of your wild side to work FOR you instead of against you…

Let that soak in your membranes.

Don’t yell at me for making this too simple…

I told you that you wouldn’t hear this anywhere else.

Things are just not as complicated as you’ve been led to believe.

The simple truth is this: I couldn’t conquer daily journaling because it wasn’t normal for me. Therefore, human nature resisted it.

That’s the long and the short of it.

What made it even worse for me is…

I didn’t even see myself as the type of person that writes in a journal.

So journaling was REALLY abnormal.

Same with anything that you want that isn’t currently normal…

Nothing will stick for you until you make that normal.

But how do you make something normal that isn’t normal?

I’ll show you in a sec.

It’s a 13-letter word.

But when you do, the dramatic shift is instant.

So long as you do it right…

( That’s not complicated either, just keep reading and you’ll see ).

Here’s how this looks conceptually…

Your human nature wants nothing but the same.

Looks like this, over time.

Flat line. Forever.

But you and I both know that life certainly doesn’t FEEL like a flat line all the time.

We get some interesting ups and downs.

A flat-line life isn’t a life fully lived.

A flat line describes death.

That might be a bit morbid.

Let’s just say that at the end of your life you probably don’t want to look back and say “Meh, its was fine.

So ups and downs are the spice of life, making it worth living.

Although the amplitude and frequency of the ups and downs vary, it generally looks something like this…

Good day, bad day.

Good minute, bad hour.

Good month, meh year.

Think of a rubber band.

Pull it tight. Then pluck it. What happens?

It always settles back down to the level it’s used to.

The ups and the downs revolve around a normal level of performance (the Almost Life).

Same with your life and business.

Explode in productivity one day only to implode the next.

Call it a homeostasis, a comfort zone or status quo or line of demarcation or a bar… whatever.

You might be thinking…

Sure Seth, science talks about homeostasis. We know that already.


But – BUT – it does NOT talk about how you can change it.

That’s the whole point here…

And that’s where the secret sauce is.

By speaking the language of “normal” you can make quick and painless upgrades in your performance level.

But problem is, they never told you such a thing was possible.

As a result… your normal usually wasn’t consciously chosen.

It was formed by events, environment, social pressures, parenting, traumas, on and on.

All of that gets lumped into one big pile of normal:

whatever level of performance you’re used to.

If you like your normal, by all means, leave it there.

If not, let’s chat about how to upgrade it.

If you don’t want to live a life that’s always stuck at the same level?…

Just tell your human nature there’s a new normal…

Looks like this…

Simply pick up the line and move it to whatever level you want.

Magically, your new worst
is better than your old best…

Growth that you’ll be proud of.

Can’t change the ups and downs of life and business, but…

But you CAN transform them into “higher level” ups and downs with a very simple tweak.

Do you want $10,000 problems to solve, or $100,000?

Since your human nature only cares about maintaining your normal… (and not the definition of what’s normal)…

YOU get to choose any normal that you want.

THEN… your Super Human Nature locks it in automatically.

Like a lazy float down the river of life.

Now, obviously there are some limits.

We ARE human after all.

So no you can’t create extreme riches out of thin air or shoot fireballs from your eyes.

Think of that trophy habit you want?

We’ll just make it normal…

As if you were born doing it.

Doesn’t matter if is a previously unheard of level of performance (like journaling 967 days in a row).

But Seth…

“Doesn’t TIME matter? Don’t you have to reach 21 days to make something normal?”


I used to think that way, which is why I always struggled.

Installing upgrades that stick is NOT a function of time… unless you want it to be.

Think of the people you know who are not as talented, gifted or hard working as you…

But somehow they are doing the things that you want to do, consistently.

How come that guy can do it and I can’t?

Because its normal to them.

No. Big. Deal.

They have little to no resistance (at least in that aspect of their life).

Like floating downstream…

You still have to avoid the waterfalls, rapids, and the downed trees.

But it’s the lazy humans way of living your best life NOW, not later.

The mechanism put into one word:


It IS that simple.

Your human nature provides ZERO resistance to anything that it believes is NORMAL, no matter what “it” is.


You now possess the calm presence and soft hands of a “human whisperer” so you too can partner with human nature to tame the wild and live the life you want…

…and automatically escape the “Almost Life.”

Like Sherry did…

“This gave me the key to the jail cell that I had built for myself and broke me out!”

Sherry Tolbert
Breakthrough Challenge Participant

Is it time for you to break out and
make your best life your normal life?

Now that you can see how simple and profound the principle of normalization is…

You might be wondering how exactly you can take advantage of your Super Human Nature and put it to work for you so you can escape the Almost Life.

Up until now, we’ve been talking conceptually.

You know now that all we need to do is create a new normal.

So let’s talk about HOW to make creating a new normal quick and painless…

Hope you don’t mind a bit of science from a landmark 75-year-long Harvard study.

The study proved that after the age of 26 most humans do not grow or change AT ALL.

NORMAL becomes sooooo normal that its… just… normal…

Always the same… until you die.


A “transformational event” redefines a new normal FOR YOU.

Like my LEAP on Leap Year Day.

Like that person you know that quit cold turkey, or just started working out or waking up early or losing a ton of weight and keeping it off.

The transformation is almost always caused by a triggering event of some kind.

(The Harvard study used the term “traumatic event,” but for obvious reasons, that just doesn’t sound as good).

But let’s go with a traumatic event we both recently shared.

Consider C 0 R 0 N A V I R U S.

Which resulted in some chaos… maybe some pain… and then some “new normals”…

Like it or not.

That’s what happens. Becasue science. And history.

This is all VERY good news for you.

The chaos caused by a traumatic event hits a reset button.

Then the human mind goes to work trying to make sense of it all.

It scans for new (and sometimes familiar) patterns and mental shortcuts.

All it wants to do is make a “new normal” so it can chill out.

Looks like this…





Now, you might be thinking you don’t want any more chaos or pain… and you probably don’t like the new normals (or maybe you do?)

Either way, it’s NOT COOL for an unexpected traumatic event to cause new normals you don’t want.

But according to the study, that’s the only way most adults will ever change.

As you might have guessed…

There’s a better way for that too.

Without the pain or the chaos.

All you need to do is CHOOSE to create your own TRANSFORMATIONAL EVENT on your own time, for your own reasons.

If you choose transformation on purpose?

You get to skip the chaos and pain.

It’ll look like this…




No pain. No chaos.

Charming, right?

Imagine what would that be like…

If you knew there was a way to upgrade life with little or no pain and without chaos, you’d be crazy not to jump on it right?

But such a thing didn’t exist in the marketplace.

That’s why I had to reinvent the playbook
for escaping the Almost Life

Remember that experience that had me writing in my journal like a machine even though I had struggled with it for 8 loooooong years?

To be honest, it took YEARS until I started to get curious if I could do that Leap Year Day LEAP again or not.

After all, it was so “other worldly” I thought it was just a one time deal from God.

But I still had that loooooong list of 37 things I needed to do in order to live a life that meant something.

So I dove in, all the way down the rabbit hole.

Spent 23 loooooong months reverse engineering what happened.

How come I was able to “do the impossible”?

What made it work and why?

Which elements were essential?

Which were just circumstantial?

How could I duplicate the experience with the same affect?

Some elements were crystal clear, others weren’t.

I didn’t know what I would find but I hoped it would be a repeatable, simple, fun and FAST process.

Determined to not let it turn into the typical over-complicated 69-step self-help non-sense or it wouldn’t work for me (or anyone else).

Turns out there were only THREE steps that mattered… but each step had to be done in order and in a certain way.

When you sync it all up?

It’s like Neo from The Matrix downloading Kung Fu into his mind.

New personal upgrades get
installed like software…

After finally keeping my word and DOING what I said I was going to do… for myself and others…

Self-confidence soared.


This 3-step process tamed my wild and had me floating down the river of life.

Couldn’t blame my human nature anymore…

I was wildly grateful for its super power.

Upgrades were instant... and as permanent as I wanted them to be.

Things weren’t perfect, life still has ups and downs, but I had “point and clack” control over personal growth in my life.

  • Consistency.
  • Focus.
  • Discipline.
  • On demand.

Even during times of chaos, like C 0 R 0 N A V I R U S.

Getting out of bed early, working out, home schooling the kids.

Didn’t matter how long I’d struggled with it… the longer the better.

Immediate upgrades with whatever I wanted became normal.

  • No more second guessing.
  • No more starts and stops.
  • No more beating myself up inside.
  • No more long Seinfeld habit streaks.
  • No more self-help rock concerts or firewalking required.

Somehow I had “hacked” my human operating system.

Despite years and years of living the Almost Life

…feeling like there was something wrong with me, and that I’d never measure up…

Turns out, I wasn’t broken!

I just needed to unlock my Super Human Nature and give it something new and normal to do.

But that wasn’t the most shocking thing to me.

My little 3-step thing worked
even better for others…

You see, I was nervous (err, terrified) to share my own private process publicly.

Would people think I’m weird?

Would it even work for anyone else?

Nobody was talking about this stuff (and they still aren’t).

But one day I was FORCED to (and I’m so glad I was).

A business partner and friend of mine named Pat manipulated me into speaking at a tiny Rotary Club meeting.

He was the president that year.

Since I was running a marketing company that was already taking too much of my time, I said no, not interested.

So we just kept chatting.

Ended up telling him about my 3-step thing I had figured out.

That’s when he told me that he’d already notified the Rotary Club members that I was coming to speak… and that I should share my little 3-step thing LOL

Half-pissed, I agreed.

Had no expectations that anyone would care about what I had to say, but it was way more exciting to me than search engine marketing.

After my 22-minute vomit of words…

A young local insurance agent named Ryan Jones came up and sincerely thanked me.

With a half-smile and bright eyes of hope he said he’d never heard anything like this before.

I wasn’t sure how to take that.

Thank you, I guess?

He was one of 10 Rotarians present.

The other 9 were, yep, old enough to be my grandparents and had to be startled awake when I finished.

Two weeks later I got an email from Ryan that changed my life in an instant…

I’ll never forget.

I’ll type it out down here in case its hard to read…

“I just wanted to thank you for that presentation you gave to us at Rotary. I talked to my wife about it and we have implemented something we have struggled to do on a daily basis our entire marriage. Frankly we have never gone more than a few days doing this on a daily basis and since we have implemented your method we have done it every day for the past two weeks. Anyway after I explained your method she expressed interest in having you give that presentation to her volleyball team. Would that be something you would be able to do? If so what is the cost? Thank you so much!”

My little thing had changed a family’s life!

😭 😇 😎

And they wanted to pay me for more?

Whahuh what?!

This meant WAY more to me than all the extra Rolex watches I was earning my search marketing agency clients.

He doubled his business (without needing my marketing advice lol).

His wife is a high school volleyball coach and she went on to win three state 5A volleyball championships in a row.

After their third chip, I took their whole team out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner

They built a dynasty in their home, their workplace and their community and did it all off of my little private process.

This changed everything.

Up until then, I just didn’t understand how powerful this 3-step process is.

That was just the first time I mustered the courage to talk about it.

Now I had a fire burning inside.

I owed it to the people stuck in the Almost Life to not keep my mouth shut about this.

Even though I wasn’t exactly sure how to effectively teach my 3-step process…

I just started.

Didn’t go as smooth as I had hoped. What does?

Humans are human after all.

This stuff is so simple people just dismiss it.

I hadn’t yet learned how to fully harness our human nature.

Quickly learned that it wasn’t good enough to just TELL people what to do (like I did at the Rotary Club).

What you need isn’t just information.

You can get your info-fix for free from anywhere.

What you need is real life results that matter.


But “cold turkey” events can be intimidating… and only get you near 50% success rate.

That’s where we have our trusty Super Human Nature to rely on to bump your success rate up to 94%…

All we have to do is add a sprinkle of NOVELTY on top of the new NORMAL.

Imagine that.

Making change FUN.

That’s when things really took off.

At first, after testing it a bazillion times to make sure I really could deliver a fun and predictable transformational experience… I delivered the experience via four one-on-one phone calls for $6,000.

Then after I filled up, I raised the private coaching experience to $12,000.

That quickly became unsustainable time-wise… and I was severely limited on how many people I could reach.

I care far more about the number of lives changed than the number of dollars in my bank account.

So I had to invent a another (yep, better) way.

That’s when I got the idea for something crazy…

Something nobody had done before…

That’s like rolling the dice in Vegas.

My friends told me not to do it since it was too risky. They wanted me to “model what works.”

That’s code for… model other businesses that are proven to work.

I didn’t want to model other businesses.

Nobody was doing what I had in mind to do…

Besides, this was about so much more than a business to me.

This is about saving people from paying rent in hell…

I had to trust that if I was willing to do what others wouldn’t in order to produce results that others can’t, it would all work out.

So I spent 14 more months deep in the lab…

Hoping it would pay off.

…I built a one-of-a-kind digital guided experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

A FUN, engaging, exciting, choose-your-own-adventure transformational experience that automatically ejects you from the Almost Life…

And wins your internal battles for you…

“My internal battles I had are gone. Gone. I am 100% in control. The process? man Seth, I felt so nurtured, so cared for, and so special throughout the process. I loved the daily emails, I loved handing myself over to you to guide me through it.”

Richelle Olsen
Breakthrough Challenge Participant


THE ONLY digital guided transformational experience that taps into the Master Motive by speaking the language of the wild…

So you can partner with human nature to unlock its super power and make your best life your new normal

Now you too can have the same “I used to really suck at it but now its just normal” kind of experience that me and thousands of others have had.

All you have to do is pour yourself into the experience and it does all the “taming the wild” for you.

Here’s How it Works.

Bring something you want to work on, say, a trophy daily habit you’ve struggled with like I did.

Something juicy.

Ideally something that you’ve struggled with for a while.

If you have no idea what it could be, don’t stress. I’ll help you sort it.

Some of the most common are:

  • Getting out of bed early…
  • Working out consistently…
  • Eating healthier…
  • Nailing your morning routine…
  • Getting your most important tasks done first…
  • Daily meditation or journaling…

But it can be ANYTHING you want.

Doesn’t matter how long you’ve struggled with it either.

In fact, the longer you’ve struggled with it the better.

One woman named Misty struggled to get up at 6am her entire adult life. She was 77 when she went through version 1.0 of the challenge.

That was four years ago.

Just checked in with her before writing this… at 81 years young… she’s STILL getting up out of bed at 6am as if she was born doing it.

The Breakthrough Challenge
process looks like this…

  1. Pick an area of your life or business you want to improve with a new level of personal performance.
  2. Open an email every day for 21 days.
  3. Watch a couple short videos.
  4. Do a few exercises in a few spare minutes of your day.
  5. Activate what I call your “Super Human Nature.”
  6. Start doing the thing as if you were born doing it.

RESULT: You will tame the wild within and partner with it to make ANY new level of performance completely normal…

Obviously, these isn’t the actual 3-step thing. I can’t tell you what those steps are without ruining your experience and I refuse to do that…

Now… that might sound less than miraculous to you.

NORMAL doesn’t sound miraculous.

It sounds normal.

And that’s the point.

Making greatness normal.

Although it never gets old, this “create permanent habits out of thin air” thing is so normal to me that I don’t get excited about it as much anymore.

Want to know what’s even more fun?

Making sure we pick the RIGHT habit.

Because when we do, a FLOOD of good things happen.

It’s like… just tame the RIGHT wild stallion and you end up winning the Kentucky Derby kinda thing.

A different Sherry put it this way…

“Regarding that ‘pattern of momentum that was started by one really simple thing’… SNOWBALLS 🙂 Rolling down hill!”

Sherry McMahan
Breakthrough Challenge Participant

What’s different about
the Breakthrough Challenge…
(besides everything)?

You will experience for yourself why this is the best thing you could possibly spend your precious time and resources on.

It was born out of a “holy discontent” to right the wrongs I had experienced.

I was just an innocent dude who wanted MORE for himself and his family.

Please God, let this be the thing that actually works for me…

Only to be disappointed by program after program… no matter the price tag.

Looking back, it’s embarrassing how much I “invested in myself” hoping to escape the Almost Life only to be left making monthly payments for nothing.

Despite giving it all I had, nothing ever changed

…but the amount of debt I was in and the decibels of the voice inside my own head which was sick of the Almost Life.

Until the voice in my head was so loud I was deaf to my own wife and kids.

So she left me.

Turns out, that’s not uncommon.

But it should be… because I wouldn’t wish what I’ve been through on my worst enemy (if I had one).

This letter is my effort to make things right.

I felt compelled to make this experience BETTER than anything I had ever been through.

Even better than programs that were $15,000 or more…

And it worked.

Look what Mark said publicly a few days ago…

“Breakthrough Challenge has been the BEST investment of my day.

“I’m beyond impressed. I’ve been through 10k programs and 20k programs that didn’t have near this much ingenuity in getting the results needed.

“Its engaging, your funny, and I’m on track for the first time in a long freaking while. Appreciate you more than you know!”

Mark Santiago
Breakthrough Challenge Participant

Here’s the actual Facebook comment…

It wasn’t easy creating this for you.

But its soooo worth it.

It took 14 months of testing and tweaking and honing to get it ready for you so that you can just come along for the ride with full confidence it’ll work for you too…

Aaaaand… that was just version 1.0.

The current version is 3.0.

Three point oh.

It loves all over you so you can love yourself.

“I loved how it was delivered in bits and pieces. I can’t even remember the last time I finished a course I bought. This was different.

I actually did EVERYTHING. I read every single email, every single word, every single exercise. I’m amazed at how simple it is. So drop-dead simple, yet what I learned and did has changed the course of my life. I know now how to get everything I want.

Yisel Guajardo
Breakthrough Challenge Participant

Just let your mind wander and imagine the possibilities.

It’s built to employ your human nature in every way possible to work for you instead of against you.

Like a good partner who has your back would.

There’s nowhere else you can get this kind seamless and humanized digital experience.

The Master Motive and normalization is just ONE dimension, the most powerful, of your human nature.

But we don’t stop there.

As you’ll see, that’s how we’re able to get you to the finish line with results in hand over 90% of the time and change a lot of lives.

Normal completion rates for a typical boring online course is a measly 4% because they don’t take the time and effort to activate your human super powers.

For example, the human mind loves to anticipate.

That’s one of its favorite tactics to keep you stuck living the Almost Life


They’re all created by your mind’s ability to anticipate best and worst-case scenarios.

As you should know by now, it’s not smart to fight against nature.

So there are…

  • NO modules…
  • NO logins…
  • NO table of contents…
  • NO syllabus…

…for you to anticipate.

I don’t even tell you what the 3-step process is.

That’s on purpose.

Also, the human mind hates change, but loves novelty.

So, we make the experience FUN and load it up with unanticipated twists and turns like one of those old-school choose-your-own-adventure books.

The emails are fun too…

“You have now achieved the status of my most anticipated email ever. I really look forward to these daily inspirations… and we’re just getting started.”

—Dr. Murray Beaulieu

It’s almost like a theme park experience but in more meaningful ways.

If you knew exactly what the marquee roller coaster is like, it wouldn’t be as much fun.

So I don’t spoil your ride by telling you what will happen 🙂

Lemme just say, it’ll be exhilarating.

Although we may have just met on here, what this means for you is that…

  1. You need to trust me. I will not tell you exactly what you’ll experience or you WON’T actually do it (and it’ll ruin the ride)… and I’m just not willing to do that to you.
  2. I need to ask you to purchase admission or you are less likely to value the experience. But I think you’ll really love how I do it….

This whole letter was written to get you right here…

Maybe you thought I was going to be like everyone else and charge you through the right nostril for it… Nah.

That’s how bad I want you to have this transformational experience that changed my life…

…and the lives of thousands of people in 19 countries and growing.

The Breakthrough Challenge will change your life too, if you let it.

Here’s how we’re going to do this together…

Imagine its like buying an all-access pass to your favorite theme park, spending the day in life-changing bliss, and then getting all your money back when you finish.

“It’s the most life changing event I have ever experienced, nothing has affected me in the most positive way that this did, and it did it and the simplest way possible, in a way that goes against anything I’ve learned in the past, and looks at things from a unique angle that no one else has ever come close to.”

Omar Hadid
Breakthrough Challenge Participant

Why am I basically giving this
breakthrough experience away?

Since the challenge happens online, from any device, within your email inbox, one day at a time, over 21 days… from the comfort of your own life.

I can reach more people with less time.

So no, it’s not $12,000 or $6,000 any longer.

Nor is it $995, which is the most recent ticket price.

Thanks to technology, we can do better.

After all, this whole deal is about righting the wrongs I had experienced anyways.

Investing my face off with nothing to show for it.

So let’s not make this about finances at all.

That said, I’m also not willing to cheat you by making it feel free…

That way we can harness the weight of a financial commitment to your benefit.

Yes, we’re using your human nature’s sunk cost bias (i.e. FOMO… fear of missing out).

Let’s call it a deposit.

A simple $95 deposit is perfect.

Much less than our upcoming family trip to the rodeo where they try to tame wild things.

Give me a small $95 deposit and I’ll give it back to you when you finish the challenge 🤯

I’m serious.

All you have to do is open an email every day for 21-days, do a few things, and you get your deposit back after having all the fun.

That’s way better than some Money Back Guarantee.

Getting your money back is the actual offer here LOL.

👉🏼 Finish the challenge and its free.

Unless you had such an amazing experience that you want to leave your deposit as a tip.

Might seem like a weird offer.

Way I see it, you’ve already been sold a thousand things that haven’t worked for you.

So let’s not have you purchase anything right now.

Put down a $95 deposit, I’ll hold it for you until you’re done.


You might be thinking…

“Is this some ploy to flunk me out
so you can claim my deposit?”


I already told you that we get north of 90% to the finish line because of how we employ human nature on your behalf.

Don’t join up unless you intend on finishing.

“The only program I have ever finished”

“Over the years I have spent countless dollars buying courses because somewhere in me something is crying out. By the time it arrives, my negativity (which likes to pass it self off as “being realistic” not “being pessimistic”) kills it and the packages remain unopened. You have the distinct (although dubious) honor of being the only program I have ever finished. I’m so glad I did.”

—K. Haley

If for some reason you are one of the 6-10% (on average) that don’t make it through…

I WILL donate your deposit to Operation Underground Railroad, an amazing company that fights human trafficking.

I have almost 7 kids.

Four boys (one in heaven), three girls (one on the way).

I can’t stomach that some children are stolen and sold into sex slavery.

So I donate the deposit of those who don’t make it through to fund the fight.

One child lost is too many.

There’s no way to lose here.

But what about me?

What’s the catch?

You might be wondering how I am able to afford doing all this for basically free?

You’re spot on.

It’s expensive to run this experience for you.

Giving your deposit back after supporting you all the way through the challenge seems unsustainable.

Financially, I don’t mind making this “weird” offer.

Because maybe… at the end of the challenge, once you’ve had all the fun taming wild things, and floating the lazy rivers of life you’ll realize there’s MORE fun to have together.

Like my man John here…

“This was an experience – I am doing something I struggled with for years every day with out much effort because it’s just what I do. If 21 days with Seth can change me this much I would love to see what else I can achieve.”

—John Hegarty

If you’re one of the ones who dare for even MORE results in life and business…

You’ll probably choose to be a part of our small army of super humans who have chosen to speed up their growth even further and work closely together long term.

Some people call that a catch.

I hope you take me up on it, because it’ll change your life even more… any further work together is entirely optional.

Where do you want to go from here?

Here’s How to Have Your Fun and Make it Free

The Breakthrough Challenge is 100% FREE When You Finish

Start your own Breakthrough Challenge experience now… and you too can tame the wild within you by employing your Super Human Nature to make your best life your new NORMAL…

The challenge starts immediately. It happens online, one day at a time, from any device that can access your email inbox… all from the comfort of your own life.

  • Submit your $95 deposit below.
  • Open an email every day for 21-days.
  • Install a life changing upgrade that sticks, as if you were born doing it, even if you’ve struggled for a loooong time.
  • Get your $95 deposit back after having all the life-changing fun.
  • If you chose not to make it through, your deposit will be donated to Operation Underground Railroad.

Get Started in 3 Minutes

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Make sure this is an email address you check regularly. This whole thing is over before it starts if it isn’t. And of course, only love, no spam.
On the next page you’ll be able to complete your $95 deposit. Open your email each of the 21-days to participate and your deposit becomes refundable.
Even better? Let me just show you watch a video walkthrough of the deposit up process.

Go. Fight. Win.


P.S. You may have a lot going on. Time is always an issue, no matter what you have going on. I wanted you to know that the challenge takes just a few enjoyable minutes per day.

This experience is guaranteed to make you BETTER at whatever it is you’re doing… to make the most of your time.

Just imagine your energy spent swimming upstream. This points you downstream where you flow with the current of life (and human nature) to go faster and with less “grind” than ever before.

So the timing is ALWAYS right. Unless of course you are already operating at your best.

There’s NOTHING on this planet more valuable that you could spend a few leisure minutes on.

I promise.

P.P.S. From where I sit you’ve got a couple options.

1. The slow and hard way?

(i.e. YEARS of meditation, mantras, I AM statements, vision boards, habit tracking, SAVERS, atomic habits, hypnosis, NLP, EFT, EMDR, limiting belief breakthrough, brain entrainment, sound therapy, bio hacking… blah blah).

2. The fast and simple way.

Like a “New Year’s Resolution” that actually sticks. You HOPE that kind of wild change is possible.

Luckily, it IS.

Not just possible, but probable.

But only when you use the Master Motive to partner with human nature to install a new normal.

The ONLY place on the world wide web to do that is right here.

Let’s hope you wouldn’t consciously choose the slow and hard way like I did for years if ya knew a fast and simple way existed.

P.P.P.S. I know you’ve been wondering about those whacked out and 100% truthful images at the top of this personal letter…

That really was my life for a while.

That RV Park was just 4 years ago.

Well after my first experience with Super Human Nature on Leap Year Day in 2008.

I did mention not everything goes perfectly right?

Even when you know some tricks.

That’s life.

It’s supposed to be that way. Ups and downs.

That’s how we learn and become stronger.

What matters is WHAT YOU DO if (or when) life hits you in the mouth?

What you’ll learn in this challenge will show you how to access a deep reservoir of strength you didn’t know you had…

To limit the damage and turn it all into an amount of personal growth that you’re proud of…

MORE strength.
More presence.
More power.
More peace.

For whenever it’s needed most.

Like when I lived in an RV park, with my 3 kids, and my dream car, after an unexpected divorce.

Lost nearly everything that mattered to me, except the car.

But that’s when I found that these principles work even better under the most painful life circumstances.

I used “normalization” to quickly climb out of

bankruptcy and
deep doubt in myself.

And that’s how I was able to be ready to meet and marry my lady Michelle.

That’s also how we’ve built a better life together than I had before.

My new crew, minus one baby boy in heaven and a baby girl coming soon.

Accessing Super Human Nature, every day, is how we are able to do weird things…

Like have BOTH mine and Michelle’s former spouses at our wedding…

Like live in her ex-husband’s house for nearly three weeks as newly weds while we sorted out our new life together.

Like take my whole family skiing with my former spouse and her parents.

All skiing together. My wife and kids and my former wife and her parents.

Didn’t matter what twists and turns my life took, I wasn’t subject to the forces of the “Almost Life” any longer.

I am free.

Have your Breakthrough Challenge Experience and you will be too.

GET STARTED NOW →And escape the almost life too.

Frequently Asked Questions

You Might Be Wondering

Is there a guarantee?

Super common to see “money-back guarantees” so that you don’t feel like you’re risking your livelihood. Seems kinda silly here though… seeing how the offer is to give you your deposit back after you finish. I don’t know what to call that…

But I will give you this guarantee… if you commit fully to the challenge and show up every day… it will change your life. There’s no way you go through the challenge fully committed and come out the same person. Facts. Pastor Larry here says the same thing:

I promise you if you play full out you will change and you will see life different because more of you will show up. From experience I have also participated in a lot of programs, seminars, read many books and watched many videos but this challenge by far has brought me personally further, and faster than I ever thought possible. My wife Billie has seen a change in me and she wants to experience what I have.

Pastor Larry Devoght
Breakthrough Challenge Participant

Is this a limited time offer?

No. But your LIFE is. This is where we can add some kind of scarcity ploy to compel you to action. Time is the best one I can think of. How much longer can you put up with the Almost Life? If you don’t have enough reasons to take me up on this no-brainer of an offer… all you need is a mirror.

Go look yourself in the mirror. We’ll be here for whenever you’re ready to stop wasting years of your life doing things the slow and painful way only to get nowhere. I hope you make this day the LAST day of your Almost Life.

Why don’t you tell me what your 3-step system is?

Good question. Typically, if I were common and this were a common online course, I would have impressed you about how amazing the whizbang 3-step system is. Here’s the problem with that…

If I told you what it is, that would be like telling a four year old there’s no Santa Claus. It kills human nature’s desire to anticipate novelty and spoils the wonder of Christmas. We want to use your nature not abuse it. But that’s not the only reason…

If I told you what it is right now, you probably think its so simple and elegant it looks great on a shelf. Means I’d be responsible for giving you some life-changing information only to see you do nothing with it. Not good enough. You must learn it by experiencing it.

Start Your Experience with the 3-Steps Now

What if I’m in another program right now?

Great! I honor that your focus is precious, but you need to know that if you pour the Breakthrough Challenge experience on top of ANYTHING else you are doing, you will get better results out of it, guaranteed.

Doesn’t matter if its school, sports, business, life, relationships, or other coaching programs. The Breakthrough Challenge addresses the core mechanism that will unlock your potential in anything you chose to focus on.

What if I’m busy and my time is limited?

The Breakthrough Challenge was built from the ground up to NOT be overwhelming but to be fun and engaging. It’s spoon-fed purposefully. If you feel like your time’s limited then you probably also feel out of control in your life.

That makes this the very BEST thing you could give yourself because it will hand you back the time you’ve been missing (Example: if you’ve struggled to get up early in the morning, what would getting up at 5am do for how much time you have in the day?)

I seriously thought I made a mistake signing up because I am so overwhelmed with the “crap of life and business” stuff. Well, despite this mind-bending discussion in my head, I think this is exactly what I need. Let’s go!

—Jeff Thomas

Start Now and Spend Your Time More Wisely

How is this different? What if I’ve already spent years and thousands of dollars on personal development?

If something else has worked for you then why are you here? You’re here because 1) nothing else has worked well enough to get the results you want or 2) you’re wanting to avoid all the stuff that doesn’t work. Either way, the Breakthrough Challenge is perfect for you. It works better the longer you’ve struggled.

“Will this work for me if I’m __________”?

Come find out… if human nature is the reason for your current status in the Almost Life, this experience will enlist your better nature to do your bidding. Translation: it’ll absolutely change the game for you.

There are only a couple pre-reqs. You must be human and you must be willing/ready to change. Because there’s zero chance you come out the other side of this the same person. If you do not fit these criteria, then please don’t commit.

What if I’ve tried for years to change that one thing about myself?

Before you shake your head in disbelief that you can actually change that thing you’ve struggled with, let me tell you this… in my experience, the LONGER you’ve struggled with it the better… because your commitment level is higher. Give the challenge a few minutes a day to work its magic. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Start NOW and Let the Challenge Work For You Too

How is it delivered?

Carefully crafted. Lovingly timed. Ruthless accountability… Every breakthrough experience is unique and different, but delivered via email to your favorite device. You choose your own adventure all along the way. That said, we don’t send you to a membership site loaded with hours of overwhelming content. That’s what everyone else does.

There’s no login. No bloat. No friction. Just a seamless breakthrough experience delivered in spoonfuls to the comfort and familiarity of your private inbox and mobile phone. Commit, then sit back and savor one small bite at a time. You’ll love it.

When does it start?

Immediately. It does NOT have to be a consecutive 21 days (remember that choose your own adventure thing?) If you want to commit now and start later, let me know. We can do that too.

Start NOW and Get Day 1 in Minutes

If it’s so simple then why does it take 21 days?

Great question. The 3-steps I run you through in the challenge are so simple that if I were to tell you what they are right now, you wouldn’t believe me and you won’t get the result you want either. That’s why I carefully spread out your experience over 21 days to guarantee you get to the finish line with a result you’ll be happy with and an experience you’ll want to tell your people about.

What if I have a trip or vacation or family emergency?

You will have complete flexibility on the timing of your experience to accommodate for anything that life throws at you. It’s as easy as pressing a button to call a timeout, or slow the pace and timing.

Can I bring along my partner/spouse/friend?

No. They will need to start their own breakthrough challenge experience. It’s not productive to have them “look over your shoulder.” Everyone is different and they should choose their own adventure too and have their own breakthrough experience. That said, you won’t be able to keep it a secret. So please invite them to have their own experience.

GET STARTED NOW →And escape the almost life too.