This is all I can say…

For Discerning Humans: Your human nature wants all the deets to know whether or not it expects a “threat” so it can keep you safe and normal… your human nature ALSO loves to anticipate. It seeks novel and fun. You won’t be disappointed. You get it all. FUN, SAFE and NORMAL… ish. We’ll make super your new normal.

How can I put this?… its a bit silly to let another’s experience determine what’s possible for you.

Bottom line… You’ll get exactly what you want, but not in the way you’d expect 😇

It’s like you’re going to a famed adventure theme park where the main attraction is your own greatness…

You buy your ticket, have the ride, get the thrill, and then you get all your money back (for real)… but life isn’t quite the same because you’ve had an experience that you can’t just explain away.

And somehow it all happened in the comfort of your own real life… without the need to go to a self-help rock concert.

So… of necessity, I CAN’T tell you what the ride will be like for you. There’s no way I can know. It’s literally different for everyone. And if I try, I’ll ruin it for you.

But… BUT – I can tell you this…

There is a force inside of you that needs to come OUT. It’ll be a thrill when it does.

At the end, I want you to be able to look back and breathe while saying “wow, that was incredible.

To get there, we’ve got a couple issues to solve:

  1. The biggest result you will achieve is a FEELING.
  2. There is no way to measure the feeling as PROOF because it’s inside of you.
  3. We must attach something measurable to your experience so your Clark Kent brain doesn’t try and convince you it wasn’t as Super as it was.

How do you measure a feeling? How do you measure love? Joy? Confidence? Happiness? Fun? You can’t…

Besides, your brain can’t tell the difference between a deathly fright and a thrilling fun.

The only way we can know if we did anything cool is if we have real life RESULTS to prove it. Measurable ones. That’s why we focus your phone-booth experience on ONE SINGLE custom super-sized deliverable.

What you get to experience →  Choose any action… a habit, an achievement, that you know you need and want to do but for whatever reason have struggled to do consistently…

NOTE: If you don’t know what it is, don’t fret. We’ll nail it together. But let’s make it something juicy. I don’t care if you’ve struggled with it your whole life. We’ll crush it.

Could be anything you’ve always wanted…

working out
doing the dishes
eating well
get out of bed
get in bed.

I don’t care what it is. We’ll crush it.

💪🏽 Nobody takes committed steps into my world and comes out empty handed. It don’t happen. 👊🏼

I’ve got THOUSANDS of success stories, from 17 to 77 years old. Don’t matter.

Result is, we banish these words → "I know I need to do ____ but I just can't get myself to do it."

Here’s how this benefits me…

You can’t look back and say that wasn’t cool and maybe you’ll want to experience more where that came from and you’ll tell your friends.

This one upgrade will serve as EVIDENCE that you have in face super-sized yourself (tights, cape, etc).

You were Clark Kent in that one thing, and now you’re Superman with unmistakeable and measurable proof.

Your “thing you’ve struggled with” will become normal. As if you were born doing it. Just watch.

That said, here’s what else I can tell you:

  • Each of the 21-days is delivered to your inbox. If you are human and can open an email and click on links, you’ve got all the savvy you need to crush this.
  • I will ask you to spend a few minutes doing a few things a few times throughout your phone booth experience. After all, Superman still has to DO Superman things.
  • The challenge adapts to your life, it’s flexible. So don’t stress about “do I have time for this.” Yes, you do. Do you want to waste any more time doing the awkward Clark Kent life?
  • The challenge will not “fix everything” all at once, nobody and nothing can do that, but it will show you the path to fastest and simplest growth possible.

Sound too simple? It is simple. But it ain’t easy.

Bottomline is this… are you willing to step into the phone booth and come out to meet your new world, even if you don’t exactly know what it looks like inside the phone booth?

If you’re still dragging your feet, hit me up in the chat.

For the rest of you… let’s go.

Get started now, you have nothing to lose and a super-sized life to gain.

Is a super-sized life worth a $95 bet you can’t lose?

All you need to do is open an email for 21-days and your experience is FREE for you.


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