There’s NOTHING Like this Experience in the World

Bold statement? I’ve had an APB out with a $1,000 reward for anyone that can find me something remotely close to the delivery, the results, and the 96.3% completion rate.

We’re on version 3.0. It’s been 6 years. I’ve never had to pay up. Things are only getting better.

When I first wrote this page, it was 3261 words of stuff you probably couldn’t care less about.

There’s no way explaining all of these details can matter more than just experiencing it for yourself.

  • No more getting ready.
  • No more googling.
  • No more podcasts.
  • No more online courses.
  • No more live events.
  • No more books.
  • No more talking.

Just pure blissful results.

NO RISK → As long as you can open an email on the daily for 21-days, you’ve literally got nothing to lose.

But lemme just splain a few important things to ya.

QUESTION → Have you ever bought an online or homestudy course, a book, an audio program and never finished it?

Me too ✋🏼

I’ve spent a fortune. North of $100k on that shiz.

Thought something would be the solution to my painful symptom.

Bought it.

All I got was a login… shiz just collected digital (or literal) dust.

Now, there’s a time and place for that kind of thing, but its not here.

The biggest problem hiding in plain sight

A while ago I was watching Gary Vaynerchuk interview Tony Robbins. He said that “maybe 4% of people finish” his program.

Seth Godin, a legendary teacher and trainer, says its closer to 2%.

These numbers are consistent across the board for traditional products and programs. Just ask around. You’ll get all sorts of rolled eyes.


Imagine this… 100 people buy a program that is supposedly awesome. And 4 of them finish it. Just FOUR.

This Breakthrough Challenge is the best thing out there.

I’ll put it up against anything, no matter the price tag.

How in the world can I be okay with 4%?!?!!?

Nah man. Not on my watch.

The whole dadgum system is broken.

And it doesn’t get any better when most gurus blame the students for not doing anything because “they’re human” or because “life happens” or because “they don’t want it enough.”

So why don’t they build something that uses human nature to their advantage and accounts for when life happens and naturally instills confidence and curiosity?

I know. Because its TOO MUCH WORK or TAKES TOO LONG.

Instead, they send out a login and laugh all the way to the bank.

Focus is on more sales and not actually getting the result for the client.

I can’t even.

It’s all backwards.

🤦🏼‍♂️ It’s MY FAULT if you don’t get to through this challenge. Mine.

🤦🏼‍♂️ It’s MY FAULT if you don’t get the value you deserve from our time together. Mine.

The experience you’re about to have is simply FAR.TOO.VALUABLE to throw behind a login and leave you to yourself.

So I spent 42 months rethinking everything.

How can we make it FUN. FAMILY. FEARLESS. FREE?

  • I did the work.
  • I took the time.
  • It wasn’t easy.
  • It took years.

Waded through ridiculous complexity in order to do it different. You’re worth it.

The result is better than I could have possibly imagined.

But you can only get it here.

You’ll never be able to get this experience anywhere else.

It’s un-piratable. It’s un-stealable. It can’t be copied. There’s nobody quite as weird as me to run it.

The result of this BC 3.0 will blow up this industry and your life.

Your life and the lives of thousands of others are living proof.

Can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.

What you waiting around for?

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