The Convenient Truth about Your Refundable Deposit

Might seem unconventional but there’s nothing “for sale” here.

  • No info product.
  • No coaching.
  • No login.
  • No immediate upsells
  • No downsells.
  • No ads, anywhere.
  • No hidden fees.

Just a tiny $95 deposit instead of $995 purchase.

But the deposit thing IS weird, for sure, and ya’ll been asking, so here’s the back story… written out long hand.

Yes, it really is just a $95 refundable deposit.

It is very much like you buying a ticket to a life changing theme park only to get your money back after having all the fun.

BUT the deposit is YOURS.

That means there’s no real financial transaction today. I hold your deposit in trust until you finish your trip through. Then you can tell me what to do with it.

The phone booth experience that you’ll experience was first experienced by me.

It rocked my world in the most beautifully crushing way, right when I needed it most.

I’ve felt compelled to give it away for free, as my gift back.

Problem is we tend to quickly devalue or justify away anything we get for free even if its awesome. Just is what it is.

I tend to play to our strengths as humans, so let’s use this.

This deposit is for YOU to enlist all your intangible faculties to push you to the phone booth experience you’ll be proud of.

Could I offer it free, Free, FREE, free? Yeah. I could, but I wanted to fully stack the deck in your favor.

If you’re competitive, think of this as a bet on yourself in order to capture a bit more commitment and attention from you to get you the result you want.

What’s the Catch? In case you think I’m pulling one over on you…

The odds are ever in your favor. Here’s how I absolutely loaded up the deck in your favor…

First, there’s nothing like this in the world.

If this were just any old normal info product, you can count on a whopping 4% completion rate (per quoted numbers by Tony Robbins and Seth Godin).

That means, if this were a normal information product or online course and I deployed this same $95 deposit, you’d lose 96% of the time.

100 people would start and only 4 finish with results in hand. Not cool.

What kind of a teacher, or student, is okay with odds like that? Not me. The whole model is broken. Had to rethink it all.

Those are great odds for a slot machine, but this isn’t Vegas.

Which is why after YEARS of testing, I’ve managed to flip those odds on their head, almost exactly.

Here’s how this is different → 96.3% of participants complete the challenge and open up new possibilities for themselves ( more about how )

Nah, it wasn’t easy to figure out how to do that and you’d be bored with those details… But I did it, and you’ll thank me later.

So how does it make business sense to refund 96.3% of participants?

LOL it doesn’t. And I don’t.

I wouldn’t even be able to fund the expenses to put on this challenge based on the “failure” of the 3.7% of those that don’t make it through.

So, I live by a different model entirely.

I DONATE those lost deposits to charity… which leaves nothing for me?

MY PRINCIPLE: I believe if I do what’s best for you, it’ll come back around.

This challenge will resonate so deeply with you that you may feel like its just the beginning of something greater together.

At the end, after having your life changing amusement park ride, I ask you what you want me to do with your deposit.

If you loved your experience, have results in hand, you’ll have the option of crediting your deposit toward a graduate experience.

Which still leaves this challenge as being “free” because it comes back to you in the form of a discount.

To me, this is the ultimate way of creating a business that makes a difference, that’ll be shared and loved.

Its what I wish existed for me when I needed this.

I can confidently say there’s nothing like this challenge in the world. Is there anyone as crazy as me?

In case you’re worried about the $95

  • That’s an average dinner date on a Friday night with a movie.
  • That’s a 30 minute massage.
  • That’s two noose bleed tickets to a Taylor Swift concert.
  • That’s a decent pair of jeans.
  • That’s a round of golf with a cart at the muni.
  • That’s a month’s worth of 1st Phorm or doTERRA supplements.

None of which will change your life, at least not like this will.

Before you start, I don’t expect you to “know” the value of what we’ll do here.

So for some context… this challenge started as a 1 on 1 experience for $6,000.

All they got was 4 phone calls with me. That’s it.

Price went up to $12,000 quickly based on demand and results.

Results were off the charts. Every client crushed it.

Got the itch to reach more people. But how do I scale one on one calls?

No info product could do what I did 1 on 1. I needed to rethink the entire “digital experience.”

I spent 78 weeks and thousands of hours building the first digital guided experience that became the Breakthrough Challenge.

I then lowered it to $995 to be more accessible financially.

96.3% completion rate.

What you’ll experience is version 3.0.

It’s better than ever.

And its BETTER than most programs that still charge the $12,000 I used to. Those aren’t my words.

But now it’s free, when you finish. And you will finish.

Start your journey NOW with a $95 deposit now.

Ain’t nobody got time to wait around for a bigger miracle than what this experience will do for you and your family.

READY? Get Started in 3 Minutes

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Make sure this is an email address you check regularly. This whole thing is over before it starts if it isn’t. And of course, only love, no spam.
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