What are MY Chances to Make it Through?

Literally, if you can check your email once per day for 21-days your chances are 100%.

I WANT you to make it through. You’ll want you to make it through.

That’s what this whole deal is about.

So we spent thousands of hours stacking the deck in your favor.

  • Making it “FREE when you finish.”
    No one left behind” accountability program.
  • Entertaining and FUN.
  • Choose your own adventure flexibility.
  • Timing that fits your life.

You’ll love it.. you’ll look forward to it every day.

And it’ll upgrade your world in a huge way.

That said, by the numbers, last I checked, 96.3% of people make it through.

No, that’s not a perfect track record, but considering the average completion rate for this kind of thing is a tiny 4%, we’re pretty darn proud.

We’ve flipped the script.

This experience changes every life it touches.

The 3.7% that don’t make it through? They didn’t check their email 😇

So I donated their deposit to charity.

Sure, it’s a “bet” that you’ll stick around, but the odds are unbeatable. Let’s go.

READY? Get Started in 3 Minutes

 STEP 1:  Confirm Your Name and Email Below

To get started, let me know what name we should put on the phone booth and where to send the instructions.

Make sure this is an email address you check regularly. This whole thing is over before it starts if it isn’t. And of course, only love, no spam.
On the next page you’ll be able to complete your $95 deposit. Open your email each of the 21-days to participate and your deposit becomes refundable.
Even better? Let me just show you watch a video walkthrough of the sign up process.