Who is Seth Ellsworth?

My crew. My home. My world.

Fancy that you’re curious enough about little old me. I’m a dad to 5 little humans and husband to a magnificent woman.

We discover life together.

We uncover treasures buried in our souls.

I’m just a normal dude, with a fire inside that won’t die… no matter how many times life has tried to snuff it out.

I am Seth Warren Ellsworth.

My job is to uncover the truth of who I am and choose to BE that person every day.

And THAT has brought me (and YOU) right here.

Those are my credentials.

If that doesn’t mean anything to you then you’re missing the entire point of life.

YOU are here to BE the best you.

My best me?

My name literally means “anointed protector.”

My angel mother knew who I was before I was born and named me such.

Protector of what you ask?

That fire inside of me (and you).

Hang around here and that fire gets lit, and stays lit, for good.

To me, that’s the only credential that matters.

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